Configuring OSPFv2 on ASA Firewall

Configuring OSPFv2 on ASA Firewall

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Create an OSPF routing process:

asa-jmcristobal(config)# router ospf process_id

Define the IP addresses on which OSPF runs and the area ID for that interface:

asa-jmcristobal(config)# network ip_address mask area area_id


asa-jmcristobal(config)# router ospf 1
asa-jmcristobal(config-rtr)# network area 0
OSPF verfication commands

Displays general information about OSPFv2 routing processes:

show ospf [process-id [area-id]]

Displays lists of information related to the OSPFv2 database for a specific router:

show ospf [process-id [area-id]] database

Displays OSPFv2-related interface information:

show ospf interface [if_name]

Displays OSPFv2 neighbor information on a per-interface basis:

show ospf neighbor [interface-name] [neighbor-id] [detail]

Displays a list of different types of packets being sent or received by a specific OSPFv2 instance:

show ospf [process-id] traffic


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